Law Of Attraction for Dummies


First of all, what is The Law Of Attraction??it's simply a Powerful Universal Law, just like the law of gravity or any other physical law. People who believe in this law believe that everything in the univers is energy, humans, animals, trees, things...

NB: you will not find any strong scientific proof that such law exists, yet many people across the univers believe in it and claim that it does and it works, taking it or rejecting it is your personal choice ;) I believe it does exist, I tried it and I think it works :)

How does The Law of attraction work?

Since everything is energy, the law of attraction operate that way "Like attracts Like" it means that similar kind of energies attract each other, good things attract good things and bad things attract bad things.

How does the Law of attraction affect me?

First thing you should know that you are a MAGNET, and that means that you attract things to you. So by applying the law of "LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE" you will attract the things that are similar to what you feel.

How can I use the Law of attraction?

you attract what you think, feel and have emotions about. If you're feeling good, you will attract good things, and if you are feeling bad or have bad emotions you will attract bad things. From that point, you could use the Law o attraction on your favor by thinking positive and having good emotions, Just focus on the good things.

So you are a creator of your own univers, you can use that power to bring yourself everything you want, by focusing on it and having good emotions about it. in this blog I will try to give you as much information as I could about using the law of attraction, hopefully it will help you.
Think Positive.

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