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Money/Wealth Manifestation (Subliminal Affirmations to attract wealth)

Money/Wealth Manifestation (Subliminal Affirmations to attract wealth)

What is a subliminal message?
A subliminal message is a message that appears in the background of a media (a video for example) that you don't see consciously, it goes straight to your subconscious mind.
It is widely used in TV commercials, to convince you to buy a product, and you do actually buy it even if you wouldn't do consiously.

In what way I could use a subliminal message in my favore?
Well, your subconscious mind was programed in a certain way about many things, throu many years. You could have a negative self-image about yourself, like you're not self confident enough, you're not good enough, you can never succeed.. Or you maybe have bad beliefs about money (money is evil, money will make you do crazy stuff, there's never enough money...) and that's not true, and even if you know consciously that it's not true, but deep inside your subconscious it's another story, and it's not easy to change your subconscious beliefs.
Subliminal messages can help you change those believes, because they go straight to your subconscious mind like we said, so your conscious mind doesn't question it, it's like you bypass it.
It helps a lot that you are relaxed when you see or listen to a subliminal message, the best time to do so is before going to sleep or when you just wake up, because at that time it is easier to access your subconscious mind.

 This is a video that has subliminal Positive affirmations that may help you change your money believes and to attract wealth. Watch twice a day for good result, but be patient, it may take time.

Positive Money Affirmations included in the video:
I am very gratful for all the money I have
I am now open to receive unlimited wealth and abundance
I am a very strong Money Magnet
I have many financial opportunities
Money is naturally attracted to me
I always have a lot of money
Money flows to me easily and effortlessly
I always think positively about money
I deserve to be rich and wealthy 
I help my family and people in need with the money I have
My bank account is always growing
I LOVE Money
I have a strong money mindset
My money consciousness is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money
I am very rich and very prosperous
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