Ask Believe Receive - formula explained

Ask Believe Receive - formula explained

Ask believe receive is the basic formula of the law of attraction, it is very simple yet many people struggle with it. This article is explaining how to ask, how to believe and how to receive.

check out this youtube video first:

How to ask simply means having a clear intention as to what do you want. if you change your mind everyday about your desires then you are sending mixed signals to the universe and also to your own subconscious mind.
So ask for the same thing, everyday, using whatever law of attraction tool that works best for you, or all of them if you can, do your affirmations, visualize everyday for a while, ask in your prayers. and remember to be consistent and as detailed as possible, if you want a car, be specific about the color, brand, when do you want it...
Always ask in a positive state of mind, when it feels good, pay attention to your vibration while you are asking, use something that put you in the mood before asking, like music..

Now this is the hardest part. Believe here means convince your subconscious mind that you already have what you desire, and that is a mental challenge that you have to conquer, because it is very hard to act like you have something that you actually don't. And more than that, you have to be as passionate as possible about it like a child. Ever seen a child getting a gift that he always wanted? seen him excited and dancing of joy? that's the feeling you should try to reach, it is tricky but still reachable.
If you find it hard to get the feeling, then maybe you should start by believing a small things to train your mind. visulize having something as simple as a nice cup of coffee, believe and get the feeling that you already have it, it should be easy since it is a feeling that you experience maybe everyday, but that way you are training your mind to the believing process. Then move to bigger stuff.
Another key is to daydream, along with the visualization you practice everyday, start imagining having that thing you want and try to keep that thought for as long as you can, let your imagination take you as far as you can go.. be creative, put yourself in situations..until you really feel that you have your desire with every cell of your being. You may not master it from the first time but it is a process, you will get better at it everyday. But once you do.. you will become an attraction magnet.

Receive is the final step in the Ask Believe Receive process. It is very linked to the believing part because it has to do a lot with feeling that you already have what you want to attract.
To understand the meaning of receiving, think about when you have old clothes in your closet and you are going to buy new ones, before you bring the new clothes you first emty your closet, you make room for what's coming to you. And that's exactly what receiving is, you are telling the universe "OK! here I am, ready for what you have for me". You are preparing yourself. for example, you want a relationship, you ask for it, visualize it, receiving is when you start going out and be open about meeting new people, allowing interactions, seeing possibilities everywhere, you may go further and even start sleeping on one side of the bed, and making free space in the closet.. this might sound silly but it does give you the feeling that something is coming on the way, so you are getting ready for it.
Remember that your subconscious mind does not make a difference between reality and imagination, so it doesn't matter that your conscious mind thinks it's silly.
Same about everything else, if it's a car, make a space in your garage if you have one, or find a spot where you will be parking it, buy a little something you're going to decorate it with...

Ask believe receive..What about actions?
This part needs a full article because there is a lot to say about it. Of course you will have to take actions at some point but the problem is that people think that actions bring them what they want, while actually focusing creates your desires, actions are just a tool to bring them to you, it's a "how to" and it is none of your business to know, just focus, then on the right time you will be inspired to take the right actions, how do you know that they are intuitive actions? simply because it feels good, even if it doesn't seem logical and takes you out of your comfort zone.

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The law of Success

The Law of Success

This is the final article about the 11 forgotten laws of the universe, that many people do not pay attention to while talking about the law of attraction. You may check out the previous posts here:

As we did in the previous articles of the forgotten laws, here is the video of Bob Proctor giving a general overview on the law of Success

The 11th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Success

The law of success states that you were born tu succeed, you were born rich (even if you're running out of money now) but you were born with all the needed resources to succeed, the powers inherent in you are inexhaustible. Although our perception toward success is different, some define success as achiving a high position at work, some define it as building a strong family, some define it as earning a lot of money... But at the end, success is for everyone. It is your birth right to be successful in every area of your life. If you live in harmony with laws of the universe MUST become successful in everything you do. The key is to work in harmony with the laws and they will work for you.
Bob Proctor says on the The Law of Success that No matter what you do, it is a success. You get a outcome. You may not like the result but it is a result anyway. Working with the Law of Success means acting in a certain way so that success is bound to happen. If it is not by education then it is by experience and persistence. Do more right things than wrong things and success is inevitable.
So if you aim at something you will hit it successfully, if you aim at nothing you will also hit it successfully. If you want to achieve ignorance, you will successfully do. You will successfully miss 100% of the shots you never take in a game.. and in life.

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Law of Sacrifice - Obedience (forgotten laws of universe)

Law of Sacrifice - Obedience ( forgotten laws of universe)

This is the fourth article about the 11 forgotten laws of the universe, that
many people do not pay attention to while talking about the law of attraction.

You may check out the first articles here:

Here is the video of Bob Proctor explaining the law of Sacrifice and the law of Obedience:

1- The 9th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Sacrifice
The Law of Sacrifice states that in order to receive something new in your life that you are desiring to attract, you will have to willingly give away something.
You may also see it that way: The law of sacrifice is all about discipline, are you willing to pay the price to get what you want? because everything has a price. Although many people think about money when they hear the words "price" or "pay" but the thing is it is not always money you will have to pay.. sometimes you give away a part of your time, sometimes physical work...etc.  And since we already know that everything is energy, sacrifice in general can be giving away anything, it's energy for energy, give away energy and receive energy of other kind.

2- The 10th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Obedience
The Law of obedience is simple, it states that in order to succeed in attracting everything you want in your life (money, love, or success) you have to obey the universal laws. It also implies respect, respect and work with the laws and they will reward you.
Bob proctor compared disobeying the laws of the universe with comitting a sin, not because someone will judge you if you did not obey, but because you will suffer from the consequences that your disobedience might bring. There are many kinds of suffering caused by the disobedience of natural laws, depending on what you suffer from you could easily figure out what law you are ignoring. For example, If you find problems and obstacles in your way no matter what you do, it means that you disobey the law of non-resistance. If you see yourself as a victim, or that everything is out of your control, it might be the law of thinking. If you're not happy in general with your life, it means that you are not following the law of attraction...
That is why studying the laws is important as well as working with them all in harmony.

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Forgotten laws of the universe: Non-resistance, Forgiveness

Forgotten laws of the universe: Non-resistance, Forgiveness

This is the third article about the 11 forgotten laws of the universe, that many people forget about while talking about the law of attraction. You may check out the first two articles here:

Here is the video of Bob Proctor explaining the law of Non-resistance and the law of forgiveness

1- The 7th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Non-Resistance
The law of non resistance states that What you resist always persists. Resisting something means you direct negative energy towards it, therefor you are making it stronger and that's why it affects you negatively. In other words, you are feeding the wrong wolf.
By using your energy to resist, you have no energy left to overcome the situation. You are then disobeying the law of non-resistance.
The best thing you can do is: first, aknowlege the problem. Because when you do, you see the situation like it is, you kind of surrender to the problem. therefor, Whatever action you take from such acknowledgement will be the correct action, Because by acting from the state of acknowledgement you are giving only positive energy to the action you are taking to solve the problem.
according the the principal of the law of attraction "like attracts like" when you send positive actions, you receive positive results, So when you take a positive action to solve the problem, you get a solved problem in return. and that's how the law of non resistance works.

2- The 8th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Forgiveness
The law of forgiveness is one of the most important laws that you have to study and understand. Even if it doesn't need a lot of explaining but it is one of the laws that many people fail to apply in their lives. The law of forgiveness teaches you to forgive everyone who caused you pain and suffering. By forgiving you will be able to escape the consequences of hidden resentment and hatred.
It does not mean that you have to allow people to hurt you, steal from you or take advantage of you, You are a human being with emotions, and those emotions sometimes indicate that you have been harmed or wronged by others. It just means that you are letting go of a negative thing so that you make room for the positive things to come. It also means that you say goodbye to the past. You remember your lessons from it but you let it go.

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Forgotten laws of Universe: Receiving, Increase, Compensation

Forgotten laws of Universe: Receiving, Increase, Compensation

This is the second part of the 11 forgotten laws of the univers (by Bob Proctor) you may find the part one here where we discussed the first three laws: Law of thinkinglaw of supply and the law of attraction.
Like we said in the previous post, the law of attraction works in harmony with all the other universal laws. In order to master the law of attraction one has to study the other laws and understand them.
In this post we are going to introduce three more laws:
The law of Receiving
The law of Increase
The law of Compensation

Watch this youtube video to learn more about those three laws from Bob Proctor:

1-The 4th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Receiving:
The law of receiving states that for you to be able to receive your desires, you should be open to get them. You may think that this is easy or obvious, but actually many people are doing the exact opposite, for example: if you want a new relationship you shouldn't be staying at home all the time.. By going out and meeting new people you show the universe that you are ready to receive what's there for you. And by being open to receiving, you are helping the universe to manifest your desires and you are speeding up your results.

2-The 5th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Increase:
The law of increase states that you get more of anything you're grateful for receiving. For example: if you received money and you show gratitude to the universe, you'll get more money. If someone compliments your work, you feel compelled to do it again and even do a better job. that's exactly how the universe works, once you are grateful for what you received the universe gives you more of it and This is the Law of Increase.

3-The 6th forgotten law of the universe: Law of Compensation:
The law of compensation states that "What you are getting is a result of the efforts you are putting out there. So if you want to manifest better result you must think of a new or better way to deliver that value. You have to become the person of value to receive anything of value. So, the Law of compensation tells us that we cannot simply go through the motions and expect to realize our desires and dreams.

As we said before, you should understand the laws of universe so you can master the law of attraction and manifest all your desires, either it is money abundance that you want to attract, a healthy relationship, success, prosperity or anything else, it all work in harmoney, learn how to become a strong magnet that attracts and manifests faster..
Stay tuned more coming soon.
Happy manifestations

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Forgotten laws of the universe: Thinking, Supply, Attraction

The forgotten laws of the universe: Thinking, Supply, Attraction

Many people that got into the law of Attraction have forgot that it's not the only law that exist in the univers, there are other universal laws that work in harmony with the law of attraction. And that's exactly what the famous Bob Proctor talks about in these videos I'm about to tell you about. There is also a pdf version that you can get.
There are basically 11 forgotten laws of the Univers:
Law 1  :.......... The Law of Thinking
Law 2  :............ The Law of Supply
Law 3  :........ The Law of Attraction
Law 4  :........ The Law of Receiving
Law 5  :.......... The Law of Increase
Law 6  :.. The Law of Compensation
Law 7  : The Law of Non Resistance
Law 8  : .....The Law of Forgiveness
Law 9  :.......... The Law of Sacrifice
Law 10:....... The Law of Obedience
Law 11:........... The Law of Success

This is a must see video, by learning those universal laws, you will start to understand the big picture. This is the Part one, introducing the three first laws of the Univers: Law of Thinking, Law of Supply and The Law of Attraction

1- The forgotten law of the univers #1 (The Law of Thinking) :
Yes there is a universal Law called the law of thinking, it may not be a written and scientifically verifiable physical law such as other laws, but it is very real, it is a law that governs your thoughts in harmony with other laws. To make it simple, you can see it like that: the way in which your thoughts are actively used can affect the way in which your body reacts to them, which means that your thoughts also affect your physical body and your emotional state. Basically, thoughts affect your way of living, your thoughts co-create your life, a big part of your happiness or sadness are caused by your thoughts.

2- The forgotten law of the univers #2 (The Law of Supply) :
Basically the Law of Supply boils down to the belief in abundance. As we already know, the univers is infinite and expanding, there is enough good for everyone either it's food, money, relationship or anything, the law of supply comes to play when you ask for more than you have. But many people are actually afraid of having more than they have now! They think it will corrupt them spiritually. And this what cuts them from the source because they are unable to act in harmony with the Law of Supply.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more and more of something for yourself; as long as you are NOT taking anything away from anyone else. You just want to increase your own share of something from the infinite Universal supply.

3- The forgotten law of the univers #2 (The Law of Attraction) :
The law of attraction doesn't need much explanation, that's the one we have been talking about for so long. You may check the first post Law of Attraction for dummies if you want some definition of the law of attraction.

Stay tuned as more forgotten laws will be posted soon.
Happy manifestations :)

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How to make the law of attraction work

How to make the law of attraction work

Many people are complaining that the law of attraction doesn't work for them, they claim that they do everything right but nothing happen, they can not manifest their desires no matter how hard they try..
This audio book explains from A to Z what is the Law of Attraction, how it works, and How to make it work for you so you can Attract what you want into your experience.
In two hours (devided in three parts) you will get to know all the tools you need to be using daily to get the maximum benefits of the law of attraction, along with how to use every tool and technique precisely, Affirmations, Visualization, Meditation, Positive thinking.. You will also learn why it doesn't work sometime, or what are you doing wrong that is keeping you from attracting and manifesting you desires and wishes..
So no matter what you want to attract using the law of attraction, if you want to attract money, wealth abundance and prosperity, or if you want to attract your soulmate or the love of your life or even if you want your current relationship to be better, also if you want to attract success.. then you have to listen to this audio book, it has everything well explained, it sums the entire law of attraction and its processes.
All you have to do is Ask, believe and recieve. Ask what you want from the universe, believe that it is happeneing, like if you already go it, then allow yourself to recieve it, be open to recieve what the univers got for you.

How to make the law of attraction work part one:

How to make the law of attraction work part two:

How to make the law of attraction work part three:

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