Law Of Attraction explained by Bob Proctor

Law Of Attraction explained by Bob Proctor

Watch the whole video of Bob Proctor talks about the Law of Attraction in this Youtube video below:

The famous Bob Proctor who appeared in the movie called "The Secret" based on the best seller book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, explains in the video the law of attraction how he see it. He stated that he has been studying the law of attraction and the law of vibration for over 50 years so he knows it better than anyone.. And indeed Bob Proctor is one of the few people who have been studying the laws of universe for so long and that are still alive today.
Bob starts the educational video by stating that the law of attraction is not a newly discovered theory as many people may think, it is actually very old and has always been known to few people, sometimes under different names, Napoleon Hill talked about it in the 50s of the last century. 
Then he moved to explaining the three types of goals that we have:

  • A type goal: which is everything that you know what to do to get it, example if you want a new car and you already had new cars in the past.
  • B type goal: is what you think you can do
  • C type goal: is what you really want (your deepest desires that you want to manifest into your physical reality) and which also you may not know how to get or what to do to get.. and that is the kind of dreams you need to follow and never give up on.. 

The law of attraction (which Bob Proctor says is a secondary law by the way and the law of vibration is the primary law) will make your desires your reality if you raise your vibration to a higher frequency.
Because you already have within all that is required to attract whatever you want into your life.
But to manifest your desires using the law of attraction one must understand how the human mind works, as mentioned in the video. Our mind is devided into two parts:
The conscious mind: the thinking part (or the intellect), can choose and distinguish right from wrong
The subconscious mind: the emotional part of the mind that believes everything you suggest to it, has no ability of rejecting ideas, where all our beliefs are.
Bob Proctor then ended the video by saying this important statement:

"The moment your belief matches with any state you fuse with it, and this union results in the activation and projection of its plots, plans, conditions, and circumstances.. This new state of conscious awareness becomes your home from which you view the world".

So basically what you should do to change your life is just work on your subconscious beliefs.. change the Paradigm, and you will notice that everything around you will start changing.. Change how you think, change your perception, trust that the universe will conspire to bring you what you want.
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Celebrities using the Law of Attraction

Celebrities using the Law of Attraction

Celebrities are just people like us, they are affected by the laws of universe. They didn't become famous and successful by luck, they worked hard and they also used the law of attraction, either consciously or unconsciously.
All successful people have one thing in common "The Law of attraction", they knew the secret and they have used it in their favor. They might have given it a different name but it all comes to the same thing at the end.

Listen here to some celebrities talking about their experiences with the law of attraction

Some celebrities admitted publicly that they used at least one law of attraction technique and it worked for them. So if it worked for them why wouldn't it work for you? it's not a secret anymore, the law of attraction is operation all the time, either you understand it or not, so you better start applying it in your life.

Will Smith
Just by hearing the way he talks about his own experience in life you could clearly tell that he's using the law of attraction these are his words:
I wanna be a possibility, I wanna represent magic, we're living in a univers where 2+2=4. 2+2=4 only if you accept it does, 2+2 is gonna be whatever I want it to be. Making a choice has a redemptive power, Just make a choice and decide what's gonna be, who are you gonna be, from that point the universe is going to get out of your way. I believe I can create whatever I wanna create

Oprah Winfrey
She wanted to be in a movie so bad, the fact that she didn't have the desired shape back at the time didn't stop her from chasing her dreams, she bought the book the color purple and she was obsessed, she kept on praying to get the part even if she didn't know how.. she just went to the casting and waited for the phone call afterwards.. and guess what? Steven Spielberg called her and asked her to come to his office in California.

Jim Carrey
Talking to the crowd in an event, he told them that all this event is happening inside you.. You all created this, even if you are sitting in the last row in a bad seat you're still one of the creators. In another video he admitted that he used visualization in the early years of his career, he had a fake check that he used to have with him all the time.. He then recieve the same amount in the movie he did next.

Kanye West
people are slowed down by their own perception, if you think you can't do anything then you won't do anything.. I was tought I could do everything.. My mother made me believe in myself, no matter how many people told me to stop believing in myself and affirming what I can do I refused to follow these rules that society imposed on us.

Steve Harvey
One of the biggest law of attraction believers, he clearly said that he was living by some golden rules like "Like attracts like" "You are a magnet" "whatever you are, that's what you draw to you" (meaning if you're nice you attract nice things and experiences into your life and vice versa) and "if you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand"

Big Sean
everything we coul think is real, if not then we can create it, and that is the gift we were given, to evolve and create.. I create my own world.

Those are only few of millions of people around the world living by the law of attraction everyday, do you know how many use it without talking about it? what are you waiting for? it is your time now, start creating your reality.

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Love and Relationships - Attract Women Subliminal

Love and Relationships
- Attract Women Subliminal -

Using the Law of attraction to attract love, a relationship, or even marriage is the same as using it to attract money or other material things. It's all about visualizing correectly and getting the FEELING of already having the desires that you wish to manifest into your reality . It is very important that you reach the sweet spot where you could feel with every cell of your being that you have what you want, and try to keep it that way for as long as you could. Always watch your emotions, you know that you are on the right track to manifest your desires and make your dreams come true because it feels good.. maintain your high vibration while visualizing. There are several ways to do so. One of them is watching subliminal videos.

Below is an example of a subliminal video for attracting your soul mate using the law of attraction. This one is specifically for attracting pretty women or let's say attracting a relationship with a women, and boosting your self confidence around beautiful girls. It contains:

  1. Written Affirmations that flashes throughout the video without it being noticed by your conscious mind (or your ego)
  2. Spoken Affirmations that will also sink directly into your subconscious mind
  3. Binaural Beats to prepare your subconscious mind to accept the new suggestions and affirmations
  4. Relaxing music.

We recommend that you watch subliminal videos at night before going to bed or in the morning upon waking up if it is possible, because that is the perfect time to communicate with the subconscious mind. It is in a receptive state.
We also recommand that you watch subliminal videos in full screen mode and to use good quality headphones so that the binaural beats would have the desired effect on your brain.
Whenever you are applying any law of attraction tool you must always pay attention to your emotions, you should be feeling good while doing so. when you are not feeling good focus your attention on getting out of your bad mood first, before doing anything else. Change your vibration and energy so that your sky is clear for manifesting your desires.

Affirmations included in the video:

  • I am always surrounded by beautiful women
  • I always know what to say to a woman.
  • My confidence is unstoppable.
  • I am a powerful communicator.
  • I radiate confidence, warmth and charm that women find irresistibly attractive.
  • I can meet, date and seduce any woman I desire.
  • I always know what to say and do to melt a woman’s resistance away.
  • I have unlimited power to seduce the women I desire.
  • I can easily have any woman I want.
  • I have incredible sexual power with women. 
  • I radiate an irresistible sexual energy that arouses women just being in my presence.
  • I am growing more attractive with each passing day.
  • Attracting women comes naturally to me.
  • Being with a beautiful woman is my right.
  • I have a high level of self-confidence and women can sense that.
  • I have unlimited power to bring about my desire.
  • Who I am is enough
  • I attract women just by being myself
  • Women are naturally attracted to me

We might make an extended version of this manifesting love subliminal video for people that are interested, and we might also create an "attracting men" version. What is sure is that we will create more subliminal videos and meditations that will help you manifest your desires through the great law of attraction. Stay tuned.
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Subconscious mind - Great within

The subconscious mind is the great within

We can not talk about the law of attraction and creating your reality without talking about the subconscious mind. Because it is extremely important in the process of manifesting you desires, you absolutely need to know the most about it.

This audio book explains in details how to impress ideas on the subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind is where your unlimited power reside, it is the hidden part of the iceberg that you need to tap into. the inexhaustible resource of everything you need for success and achievements. No matter what it is, nothing is impossible for the subconscious mind, it will always obey you as long  as you know how to communicate with it.
unfortunately that important part of you does not work the same way as your conscious one. It is huge, involved in almost every aspect of your behavior and personality.. That is why you need know the conditions to impress thoughts and desires upon your subconscious mind:

Deep feelings
your feelings and emotions are your subconscious mind way of sending messages to you. No idea or desire can enter the subconscious mind unless it is deeply felt. 

Strong desire
The idea must be clear, specific, and deeply wanted. You must mentally feel the sole of it for it to be impressed upon the subconscious mind.

Conscious interest
Any deeply felt idea will be impressed upon the subconscious mind either we want it or not. And this is why we must consciously choose and monitor our ideas and thoughts.

"blind" Faith
You must have faith in the process, you must know and be sure with every cell of your being that the idea is real and that your limitless powers will manifest it into your reality. The deeper the faith is, the less possibility of failure. the deeply the subconscious mind is impressed, the faster your idea will become a reality.

But the subconsious mind shouldn't be approached with the attitude of command or demand, but rather in the attitude of faith and desire, do not command your subconscious to do this or that but rather have a strong desire in it. and animate that desire with faith, the subconscious mind should not be forced, it should be gradually awakened and devolepped.
actions are still done by the conscious mind, but it is the subconscious mind that supplies the power that might be needed to take those actions and fulfill the desires
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